Abortion in Montana

Montana Vital Statistics 2004 is out. It is published by Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. It reports figures on births, deaths, marriages, and abortion. Some of the facts about abortion follow:

Abortions occur in five counties: Cascade (142), Flathead (331), Lewis and Clark (246), Missoula (781), and Yellowstone (756). There were 2,256 total abortions. In 2003 there were 2,213.

Gallatin County residents obtained 216 abortions, the 4th most among Montana counties.

Procedures used: 1,959 by suction currettage, 2 by sharp currettage, 176 by dilation and evacuation, and 119 by other.

Most common age of patient was 20-24, (786). Nine patients were age 12-14 and 178 were age 15-17.

51 abortions occurred where gestation was twenty weeks or more, 1,416 where gestation was nine weeks or fewer.

Of the total 2,256 abortions, 762 occurred where the patient had no previous pregnancies, 468 where the patient had one previous pregnancy, 379 where the patient had two previous pregnancies, and 647 where the patient had three or more previous pregnancies.


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