Falling Birthrates

Falling Birthrates

The following nations are among the several dozen that have birthrates below “replacement rate” of 2.1 births per woman.

Russia 1.17 From 147 million to 123 million
Spain 1.07
Italy 1.2
Germany 1.3 From 82 million to 59 million

Japan can expect their population to drop from 127 million to 104 million over the next 46 years. The motto of many Japanese women is, “I want to live for myself and enjoy life”.

Europe (from Iceland through Russia) is now 728 million. By 2050 it will be 600 million.

“This is not Zero Population Growth- it’s ZP- Zero Population.”

The only way Europeans will be able to afford paying old people comfortable benefits, and this is true of Americans, too, is to import large numbers of immigrants who will work and prop up the entitlement systems like Social Security and Medicare.

30% of all pregnancies in the US end in abortion.

Never-married women 20-24:
1970 36%
1995 68%

Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood said, “The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members, is to kill it.”

These statistics came from a book by Patrick Buchanan: The Death of the West.


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