High Taxation

Is High Taxation Unconstitutional?

A political party or candidate cannot advocate 100% taxes, nationalizing industries, or land redistribution programs. Free speech cannot even allow this. Free speech is not limitless; it cannot allow every possible message. Advocating a large-scale taking of property, or a 100% tax, or the murder of an entire class of people, all of these are prohibited because they contradict the basis of the Constitution . That basis is respect for individuals, their inviolable persons and actions, and personal property. Freedom’s charter doesn’t allow for the discarding of freedom.

Somewhere between 0% and 100% taxes the line gets crossed. Where is that line? Those who advocate higher taxes ought to define and explain their upper limit. Is that limit constitutional? (Many have not thought about a suitable upper limit. They just feel that many needs deserve tax money, and that high earners don’t deserve their assets and cash flow.)

If I am right, a Communist Party has no place in our society. A Socialist Party is illegal. Neither should have the protection of speech and advocacy or be protected in their right of assembly. Their words, printing, and internet broadcasts could be censored. Terrorist organizations are illegal. Their right to meet, plan, organize, recruit, and teach, is properly restrained by police and the courts because their fundamental beliefs oppose the fundamental doctrine of the Constitution.


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