French Riots

The French Riots

Accusing them of acting like Texas "cowboys", today the United Nations Security Council ordered an immediate halt to actions by French police to quell riots in dozens of cities. Additionally, the French Prime Minister is being urged by leaders of other European nations, and the ambassadors of at least 39 other nations, to exercise restraint in dealing with rioters. Critics noted that efforts at negotiation had not been fully explored. “Police action is rarely the cure for unrest of this type,” the German chancellor said, in a thinly veiled inference that if French authorities quelled the uprising, Germany would not send forces to aid. Further, he hinted that he would use his influence over Polish, Belgian, and Swiss premiers to sway them to a like position.

The fact that the rioters were young Muslim men prompted a statement from the Institute for Global Peace. The Institute has repeatedly called on western nations, especially France, to insure an end the the Israeli-Palestinian problem. “Until there is Middle East peace, discontent will likely continue unabated,” it said. The group Justice Now called on France’s parliament to budget the entire national GDP for social programs for ethnic Arabs in the affected neighborhoods. “Poverty is a root cause of local violence,” it said.

France’s Defense Department, in defending the police action, said it was acting on credible intelligence that the perpetrators had been accumulating Weapons of Minor Destruction, WMDs. Members of the United Nations Security Council warned that if force continued to be used against rioters, a massive propaganda campaign would be launched to prove that French authorities never had conclusive proof that WMDs existed in the affected areas, even that the prime minister had made up reports that matches, gasoline and stones had been observed. Political rivals within France promised to bring down the current prime minister and his administration.

(IF) Information France News Agency

Reported by Tom Burnett


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