Observations After Katrina

Observations After Katrina

Hurricane Katrina proves that no human calamity is so sore, no sorrow so profound that it cannot be used by Nancy Pelosi to put down President Bush.

The first lesson to learn from Katrina is the folly of trusting the government to feed and protect your family. Never trust a taxpayer levee. Own firearms. Hold food and water in your home. Don’t rely on bureaucrats caring.

How many Americans look to George W. Bush for food, transportation, shelter, and law enforcement! Very few understand how the Constitution limits the federal government.

Why was FEMA so slow? FEMA is made up of bureaucrats. Bureaucrats protect their jobs first, dispense aid later. They would rather be accused of tardiness than imprudence. The procedures must be followed. They know that only one person, the Director, might be fired for sluggishness.

Those who stayed for the storm were not all poor people victimized by lack of higher mass transit spending. Acres of flooded card verify this.

Why go slow in New Orleans? You know lawyers will sue if you make a mistake while trying to help. Our litigious climate makes everyone wary.

The racism industry flourishes. Victims’ advocates see racial slights in the least likely places, sometimes against all evidence. The rescuers and donors are mostly whites helping blacks, but that doesn’t matter. Racism must be found. NPR reported one aid scene in which hundreds of white guys and one black guy worked together delivering, rescuing and repairing in a black neighborhood. The black guy called the whites racist for not caring for the bodies here and there. All he sees is disrespect.

One news article told that up to $225 billion in tax dollars might be spent on disaster relief. If we estimate 400,000 people lost everything, that would represent $560,000 per person, or $2,240,000 per family of four. This does not include the spending of churches, private relief agencies, independent donors, fraternal organizations, or donated labor, or the private savings of victims and their families, and payments by insurance companies.


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