Conservatism is Humble

Tonight I heard some voice on the radio disparaging George Washington as being ambitious and cloaking his ambition with modesty. No virtue in George Washington! Wow! Is there no icon that will not be attacked? We have seen the faults of Thomas Jefferson on parade. Ben Franklin was not perfect. Columbus is not to be admired. All TV preachers must be fakes, like Jim Baker.

This is the stream of insinuations we get from the voices teaching political correctness, the worthlessness of the Western Canon, the corruptness of the church, the hypocrisy of the faithful, and the need to revise the Constitution. These people suppose they are the only ones with virtue. Virtue is theirs to define, and so they are the only ones with it.

Thomas Sowell calls these people “exalted visionaries”. They are arrogant of their wisdom. They consider people of other opinions pygmies, morally inferior. They will lead us totalitarianism, executions, famines, death camps, purges, and political reeducation, if the history of the 1900’s is any indication.

Conservatism is far the more humble. Conservatives allow people to go about their own business. They know they don’t know everything. Planners know everything, especially how to order the economy and how people should make daily choices. Socialism is arrogant of its omniscience. Socialists are haughty; conservatives know their limits.


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