“Federal Dollars”

Whenever the term “federal dollars” is spoken or printed, one might well ask, “What is a federal dollar?”

Here are excerpts from two recent Chronicle stories:

Two local parks-in-the-making have received nearly $150,000 in federal money to bring them closer to reality”.

More than 300 signs have been erected… to mark a new bicycle route system. The project was mostly paid for with federal dollars which covered more than 80 percent of the project” (Estimate: $80,000 federal dollars.)

Federal dollars” is a term best understood as money from people in the other 49 states. So our bike signs and parks come at the expense of people in Iowa, Wyoming and Florida affording their own signs and parks.

When people in Georgia or Idaho get “federal dollars” to build a bridge or clinic, they are seizing taxpayer dollars from Montana and 48 other states. We should keep our own. Let them keep theirs.

Federal dollars, schmederal dollars; there’s no such thing.


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