Homosexual Marriage: A Contradiction in Terms

Homosexual Marriage:

A Contradiction in Terms

The state can no more make a marriage out of a homosexual relationship than it can make a drunk man sober by re-naming his condition. Everyone will know the man is drunk, and the state will appear foolish.

Marriage was defined before there were nations, supreme courts and the Massachusetts State Legislature. Mongols married, Kurds married, Puritans married, Angles, Jutes, Celts, Aztecs, Hebrews, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Etruscans, Romans, Greeks, Zulus, Inuits, and Turks married. Even Swedes used to marry. This all took place prior to the invention of county courthouses or church parishes. Marriage is nearly a constant in human history.

Though states offer marriage licenses, they are not the inventors of marriage. They regulate something that was handed down to them and has its origins elsewhere, in the customs of millenia, even back to the beginning. When states redesign it, naming homosexual pairs marriages, they are calling horses cows, and elephants pigeons.

To be complementary is to “make up what is lacking in one another”. Maleness and femaleness do this in marriage. A marriage relies on complementarity of the sexes, not just the affections of consenting adults. A state can pretend to legalize homosexual marriage, but it cannot make the people “married” unless they are man and woman. Complementarity cannot be realized by identical entities.

Though a state needs to regulate marriage, it does not own the institution. A state is not free to name anything it wants “marriage”. In Massachusetts, the state foolishly thinks it owns both marriage and the terms of our language.


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