Tobacco Use Control

A better
tobacco control method

Presently tobacco
cessation and control funds mostly benefit bureaucrats and
advertising agencies. They claim to show success in lowering the
number of kids starting to smoke. But the graph was headed downward
before the settlement money arrived. It is doubtful if any of the
decrease in kids starting to smoke is due to advertising and lectures
from public health nurses at schools.

Let’s create some real
incentives. Take $2 million of the roughly $4 million presently being
spent. Buy a dozen loaded Jeep Wranglers for $350,000. Spend $1.65
million on blood testing. Any kid of driving age who could prove to
be tobacco-free in a blood test would be entered in a lottery and
could win one of the Wranglers. This would be exciting! Imagine the
buzz! This is something kids can understand.

Stop feeding state and
county employees and billboard, and TV station owners. Give the
benefits to the kids. Watch tobacco use drop.

Tom Burnett

169 Meadow Brook Lane

Belgrade, MT 59714

April 6, 2003


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