CHIP and medical communalism

March 16, 2003

To Members of House Human Services Committee:Please vote against SB 314.

I am a member of the Union of Concerned Taxpayers, a group of mostly Gallatin County voters, who oppose further communalizing health care. We think that individualism is better for all concerned, taxpayers, recipients, providers and the
economy as a whole. We are concerned when we see baby-steps taking us
further toward central, state-controlled health care. The taxpayers
of the state are broke. Income-wise, we can’t afford the extra $1
Million. Montana is the “Mississippi of the Northwest”.

A baby-step you are asked to consider is SB 314, which would expand CHIP to kids whose families’ incomes fall below 175% of poverty, so-called. Do you realize that roughly half of all Montana households fall under 200% of poverty? Do you really intend to put half of Montana on the medical dole? (Cheerleaders for CHIP expansion want to eventually get to the 200% level. SB 314 is merely a step in that direction. Expansion will occur in another legislative session.)

Families under 175% can provide their own health insurance. They need to economize, and work long hours. It can be done. Most of my married life, I have provided insurance for my wife and four children while living near or under
this income level.

The more functions the state picks up, the less fathers are needed as breadwinners. Women more readily slough their husbands. Men breed, then run. More
children struggle through life without fathers. The economic obligations of fathers, now made less important, are more easily shirked. Families disintegrate, and family breakdown is the driving force behind escalating social service costs.

It is unfair to saddle taxpayers from the other 49 states with $8,000,000 in new costs. Just because it is “Federal money” doesn’t mean it is free money.
Six new employees added to the state payroll adds to the rapidly growing bureaucracy. Here’s a chance to arrest that growth.

Though this bill appears to be a way for you to look generous with mostly “Federal money”, resist the urge. Each advance towards complete social medicine must
be thwarted. Please vote against SB 314.

Thank you for your


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