Principles of Leadership at Marathon Seat Covers, Inc.

Few Principles of Leadership

A leader is not an overlord; a leader is a helper.

A leader helps people to achieve their potential, to realize their goals.

A leader is a servant, not a nag or a tyrant.

A leader inconveniences himself or herself for the people in the organization or the

customer. One way he or she does this is by absorbing criticism when
it is not warranted, and by asking for input, though it may run
counter to his or her plan or preferences. This means subjecting
himself or herself to the barbs and digs of people who frequently are
not as gentle in their opinions as the leader strives to be. A leader
knows that employees’ barbs and digs will sometimes have nuggets of
truth in them and will seek these out by listening carefully, taking
notes, and reflecting on what is said. Sometimes good advice comes to
us in the critical comments of others, in spite of the difficulty of
receiving these.

A leader also inconveniences himself or herself by making up jobs that the employee was not able to finish, working shifts when they are sick,accommodating their needs for time off, working in their stead. These are some ways of serving others.

A leader also inconveniences himself or herself by holding their tongue and not

pointing out, unnecessarily, the flaws in others.

A leader persuades people to follow the program; he or she doesn’t demand, pressure, or coerce. All employees are volunteers. If they feel cornered, belittled, or forced, they will leave.

Company policies will spell out relatively few things. We don’t multiply picayune rules. Joseph Smith said, “I teach them correct principles, and the people govern themselves.”


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