God holding a press conference

If kids were told that God was having a press conference on channel 22, how many do you suppose would bother to change channels? Many could not leave MTV. My guess is that many kids would be uninterested. This supposition illustrates the lack of interest in God and His will. Would very many fishermen stay home to watch? Snowmobilers? Shoppers? We might guess as to how many of the people around us might attend this press conference by knowing how many regularly review his former words found in the scriptures.

A Partial Personal Response to Drug Developments and Bio-mechanical Improvements

There is a wave of improvements, advances and enhancements for our bodies and minds. How can I respond wisely? An article by Joel Garruea in the Washington Post that I read on msn.com was titled: "Smart pills" are on the rise: Is it wise to take them? I must know what wisdom is, or risk being swept along by unwise fads.

So for now, some of my resolutions are:

Not to talk about injuries and minor pains such as bruises, itches, lacerations, and headaches. Suffer a little. Not to talk about discomfort.

Not to seek to cure all minor diseases such as colds, flu, sprains, stomachaches and arthritis.

Not to take vitamins  that claim to lengthen life. Acknowledge that decline and aging are allowable.

Such corrections as are available through diet, excercise, mental excercise, following God's commandments, and personal labor, ought to be used prior to more elaborate, or easier and lazier interventions like drugs and hypnosis.

 To be slow to adopt mechanical enhancements such as hearing aids, eyglasses, laser surgery.

To allow my spirit to do its work which is to strain.

To keep my body intact, not to remove enfeebled parts, to use them as long as functional.

Not to allow myself dope for strength, comfort, virility, looks, creativity or peace of mind.

To experience the elemental; insect bites, cold winds, steep hills, sour fruit.