Americans Love Their Fears

Americans Love Their Fears

    If the Reader’s Digest is any indicator, Americans are a fearful, cowering people. (Reader’s Digest prints 12.5 million copies for distribution in the United States every month.)

    On every cover, you will see one, two or three warnings of new, everyday dangers.

    Here are two headlines from October 2006:


Crook-Proof Your Home: Tips From A Thief

    September’s issue only had one headline playing on fear:

One Vitamin That Can Save Your Life

    But November’s issue had four:

Common Disease, Simple Cure


The Deadly New Game Kids Play

ID Thieves’ New Target- Your Medical Records

    The advertisements inside the magazine depend on fearful readers for their efficacy.

    Granted, the magazine holds other delights such as interviews with movie stars, advice on how to gain money and lose weight, coverage of heroism and disasters, pet advice, and jokes. But fear trumps. That is our preoccupation in America.

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