Jeremiah denounced immorality.

Jeremiah denounced immorality. He suffered for it, too. If you do the same today, you will be castigated. Political correctness precludes condemnation of sexual looseness, homosexuality, cohabitation, transexual cavorting, man-boy love, prostitution as a career, and abortion as a salve for promiscuity. But isn’t it interesting how as soon as a minister is known to hire a male prostitute, or a congressman takes up with a page, or a president receives service from an intern, or a presidential candidate is known to have cheated on his wife, the general population takes an interest and considers them vile and unchaste?

It seems the people are willing to condemn unrighteousness in intimate affairs, but the managers of political correctness are unwilling. This illustrates the disconnect between the two groups.

(It is shameless that the “managers” of the definitions of political correctness are more than happy to publicize the failings of public figures who oppose them, failings that they really do not condemn in general, to ruin their careers.)


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