The Democratic Party’s New Name

    The Democratic Party’s New Name

    Could the Democratic Party properly be re-named the Social Democratic Party, the same as a party in Germany? US Democrats promote social, rather than individual solutions to problems they have identified. Their solutions operate through government workers dispensing money burgled from earners. They act in the public sphere. They disparage market solutions in which individuals act in their spheres, solo. Democrats are social-ists.

Could the Democratic Party properly be renamed the Christian Democratic Union, the name of another German party? No. Democrats have few adherents among voters who are religiously enthusiastic. They are the party of atheists, secular humanists, agnostics and skeptics. Voters of these types voted 80% Democratic in the 2004 election. They were more faithful, if calling them “faithful” is not to offend them or abuse the term, than religionists were to Republicans. Democrats include members from some staid sects, but few evangelicals, fundamentalists, and charismatics. They would like to pull to their voting booth more members of the Religious Right, but they have an uphill battle owing to their advocacy of abortion and homosexual marriage, and their dismissal of individual responsibility. The name Christian Democrats will not accurately describe them.

Democrats spurn the name National Socialist Party for two reasons: first, it is the full name of the 1940’s party in Germany whose acronym was the NAZI Party- the association would be fatal-; second, intellectuals in the party hesitate to accentuate the word “national”, because nationalism, that is, preferring ones own nation to that of another, is for boors and simpletons. Nationalism sometimes justifies war and war is against the Democratic Party platform. The name National Socialist Party fails.

For a name, they had best stay with Democratic Party. Everyone is in favor of democracy, though “democracy” simply means the right to vote, and even Cubans have that right.


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