Mirth Day 2007

Mirth Day


Tomorrow is Mirth Day. Every spring myriads of do-gooders around the embattled globe gather, some to celebrate the wonder and complexity of Mirth, some to lament its decline. Old-timers dig out videocassettes of Woody Allen movies, some watch I Love Lucy re-runs. Young mirthmentalists share MPC files of Eddy Murphy.

A candlelight vigil will be held in Central Park in honor of species of Mirth that have gone extinct in the hellish, corporate greed-filled decade just past. Harvard plans a symposium: Endangered Species of Mirth- The Growing List. A gaggle of laffies plans to picket the White House and the offices of Monsanto and the World Bank wearing T-shirts that read “Save Mother Mirth- Laugh Today.” Bills before Congress attempt to appropriate funds for the teaching of mirth awareness in schools.

Go to mirthday.org to read the history of the movement, the dire state of Mirth and what you can do to save Mirth. Think globally, but laugh locally. Make your plans now to attend the Mirth day Summit in Kyoto, Japan in 2008, to be held, that is, if mirth is not entirely destroyed by then. Until then, adopt a pun and contribute to the Free Silly Campaign.


One Response

  1. Laughter is as important a resource as anything else on this planet. We lose that..our mirth….might as well hand it all in.

    Happy Mirthday!

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