Human Methane Sequestration Project

Over supper I told my wife and son that I was thinking of financing a study of methane sequestration, (did you know that methane is 20-23 times worse as a global warming pollutant, than CO2?), particularly human methane. The news has included reports of proposals to sequester CO2 deep in the earth or oceans; why not methane?

It would require new building codes that mandate special commode- type sucking devices that would trap and separate methane. The commodes would have to distributed throughout buildings so as to be accessible to every person for the 18 average occurrences per day in which methane can be harvested from awake persons. Pipelines and compression stations needs to be built. Then the compressed gas can be buried deep in the earth.
My wife thought even discussing the topic was in poor taste, though, of course I’m only partly serious. She is extremely cautious when it comes to public discussion of human methane.


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  1. Hello, dear Mr. Tom!

    I love that link to Portuguese LDS music!
    I sent it to the friends I have in my stake!

    Thanks a lot!

    Um abraço,

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