The Libertarian Reader- A Report

I read nearly every page of this compilation of freedom writings. It was my first acquaintance with H.L. Mencken. I enjoyed his essay. One of my favorite essays was that of Isabel Paterson, The Humanitarian with the Guillotine, or as I have re-named it, The Near-Impossibility of Generosity. I am determined to read more Rothbard and Hayek and von Mises having been introduced in this way. Douglass’ You are a Man, and So Am I was good. Mill’s Of Individuality was good. Most of the book was engaging and instructive. Michael Prowse had a good essay: Paternalist Government is Out of Date. Bastiat, Simon and Locke were represented.This gave me a “minor” in the literature of freedom.

400-plus pages of, to me, irrefutable reasoning about liberty as superior to compulsion.

I bought this book from The Country Bookshelf. Of course, they didn’t have it in stock. Their belief is in the superiority of compulsion and centralization. They are left-ists. They are the enlightened advocates of government-dispensed justice in such things as racial relations and gender equity. They are one of the two businesses that I know of, however, that refuses to hire males. I know that because an employee of mine applied there and reported that they refused him point blank because he is a male.  They practice a strange justice.

So I had fun asking if they had the book. They didn’t. I asked if they could order it. They said, “sure”. I later asked if they could order anything by Rush Limbaugh, a pariah to socialism lovers. They didn’t and their supply house didn’t even show anything available. They assured me they could get anything I wanted by Limbaugh. It was a fun prank to play. I felt like a censorship guerilla-war fighter.


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