Body, Soul and Bioethics

Body, Soul and Bioethics

by Gilbert Meilaender

Read September 2007

He deals with cloning, abortion, stem cell research and the changing scope and definitions of bioethics as a profession. The profession of medicine is covered. He is not easy to read. C.S. Lewis’ style is better. But I think his points, taken from 25 years of reading and writing on the subjects are correct. He deals with the new-ish concepts of autonomy and personhood that have grown up and shows them inadequate to explain and justify abortion, fetal research, human experimentation, and stem cell research.

I think he writes not knowing that people haven’t got the 25 years of exposure he has. Having read 8-10 books on similar subjects, and some from sympathetic positions, I still struggled to follow every argument.

I checked the book out from MSU’s library, but I will buy a copy, read it again, marking it up as I go for increased understanding.

Tom Burnett