The Government is Making Us Fat

The government is making us fat.

A list of things the government invented or subsidizes that increase caloric intake, reduce exercise, reduce incentives to control our weight.

WIC. Women, Infants and Children. Milk and cheese for women and children. Cheese clogs arteries and spreads waistlines.

Amtrak. Rail passenger transit. People who need to bicycle to work instead ride in blissful, effortless comfort.

City buses, trolleys. If you are going less than two miles, and you are overweight, the bus driver should refuse to let you board.

School district bus transportation. Kids would be better off with a two mile walk to school. Hauling all the little porkers around defies common sense.

Building codes require elevators, supposedly to help the occasional handicapped person. The able-bodied ride them – one hundred able-bodied riders for every handicapped rider.

TANF. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Most recipients are not “families”. If they were in two-parent families, most likely they would not be broke enough to qualify. This program reduces hustle, increases lethargy.

Food Stamps. Recipients can buy easy to prepare, high-calorie, low-nutrition foods with this money. The government could require that they have to make, from scratch their own cakes and pies. Recipients would spend more time cooking and less time eating. The rules could disallow sausages, gravy mixes, doughnuts, Swanson pies, Tombstone pizzas, Tater Tots, breaded fish sticks. Only permit spinach, carrots, rice, beans, nuts and fruits. Watch belt sizes shrink. The states where the highest percentage of Food Stamp recipients live are the states with the highest obesity, and thus highest heart disease rates. Children in low-income families are fatter. Here is a related question: Why do they have money for fast food if they are so poor?

School lunch. Serve only tuna fish sandwiches, bananas, carrots and other, slenderizing foods. Why have an elaborate kitchen? Give ’em sack lunches. All that is needed is a sandwich preparation area and maybe a big cooler. Save labor and space, and equipment maintenance costs while, at the same time, thinning the kids. If we, the taxpayers, are buying the food, we should surely pick healthy stuff for the inmates. No chips, no mashed potatoes and gravy, no stuffing, no deep fried foods. Lentils never made anyone fat.

Nursing homes. There should be not one fat person in a government nursing home, or a home that gets tax funds for the foods. We are fighting ourselves; we, the taxpayers pay to make them fat, then pay to cure their fatness-caused maladies through Medicare. We’re feeding them; we can at least feed them health foods.

Medicare and Medicaid. Over 40 percent of Americans are on these two programs. How does Medicare make people fat? (People get fatter when they go on Medicare.) Why are people on Medicaid fat? For one thing, they work much less than the average person, thus they are poor enough to qualify for Medicaid. Working less burns fewer calories and gives you more time to sit and watch Oprah, while getting fat. Again, why are people on Medicaid fat, fatter than the average? There is no reason to be fit, if someone else, the taxpayer, is going to pay doctor bills regardless of your girth and cholesterol count. A team of researchers calculates that fatness and obesity increases the cost of care by $1,400 per year per person. Does the fat person pay? No, the taxpayer does. Gluttony is consequence-free in America.

Public television. Television watching is a major culprit in inactivity. Every hour the government holds someone under the tantalizing spell of public TV is an hour that person could be exercising, burning 400 calories.

The government is making us fat!


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