Communism Quiz


How much do you know about communism?

For Americans 14 and older.

Match the leader or party with the country. Draw lines. (More than one leader goes with certain of the countries.)

Mao Cuba

Pol Pot Romania

Stalin Cambodia

Castro China

Lenin Ethiopia

Mengitsu Peru

Khmer Rouge Nicaragua

Trotsky Vietnam

Shining Path Laos

Sandinistas North Korea

Che Guevara Russia

Ho Chi Minh

Kim Il Sung


Order the following dictators, (socialist and communist), 1-3 by the number of deaths during their rule, #1 being the most.

___ Hitler

___ Stalin

___ Pol Pot

Order the dictators 1-3 by percentage of their countrymen eliminated, #1 being the highest.

___ Hitler

___ Stalin

___ Pol Pot

Deaths: Match the country or continent with the death toll from communism. Draw lines.

China 3 million

Vietnam 65 million

North Korea 20 million

Cambodia 1 million

Russia 2 million

In which one of the following countries did nearly 24% of the population die as a result of communism? (Circle one)





Circle the philosophers/ economists aligned with communism:

John Locke

Karl Marx

Jen-Paul Sartre

Adam Smith

Identify the term on the left with the country at the right

Great Leap Forward Russia/ USSR

Dekulakization China

Red Terror Cambodia

Tiannemen Square Cuba

Cultural Revolution North Korea

October Revolution

Killing fields

Gulag Archipelago

The boatlift



What is a collective? _____________________________________________________________

What is the economic system most like communism? (Circle one)



Which is a dirty word to communists? (Circle one)

Proletariat Bourgeois

Who wrote The Little Red Book? (Circle one)




Associate dates and events. Draw lines.

October Revolution 1966-1970

Tiannemen Square 1989

Fall of the Berlin Wall 1976

The Cultural Revolution 1917

The Killing Fields 1989

What means of inflicting death was not practiced by communists? (Circle one)

Wide-spread famine

Forced march


Bludgeoning with blunt objects

The rack

Suffocation with glass crystals suspended in air chamber

Locomotive boiler

Crushing by tank

Burying alive


Communism is… (Circle one)

Limited government

Government on steroids

Complete these sentences.

“Religion is the opiate of the ___________.”

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his ___________.”

The single party state is typical in (Circle one)

Market economies

Planned economies

Private property is secure under (Circle one)




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