Self-reliance Quiz

Self-reliance Quiz

(For Young Single Adults, young married couples, and college students)

Have you ever:

1. Made muffins from scratch?

2. Bisquits from scratch?

3. Cornbread?

4. Bread with yeast?

5. Cake?

6. Cookies?

7. Gardened start to finish?

8. Canned?

9. Slaughtered chickens?

10. Started your own business?

How much have you saved?___________________

How much is the government in debt, per person? _______________________

How much is your debt? 1. School ___________________ 2. Other____________________

Do you have a budget?

Do you tithe?

Do you support well-run charities?

Do you burden others by taking handouts such as WIC, Medicaid, SSDI, Streamline bus rides, school lunch, county health department shots, rent or utility assistance?

What principles guide you when deciding on proper recipients of giving?



What did you do last spring break?______________________________________________

Where did you go?_____________________________________

How many hours did you work last spring break, over the ten days? _________________________

What is the minimum number of hours to work weekly to be financially secure?_____

If you save $5.00 per day between ages 15 and 25, and invest it at 12% interest, how much will it be at age 75? ________________________

What is the lowest wage you ever worked for?__________

The highest?_________

How much stored food do you have?____________________________________________


If you had to give evidence of economizing, what would you say?____________________


Did you purchase any order-in pizza or fast food in January?

Put a $ amount on the total of such purchases_________________


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