Cold Toast



The Promise of Wind Power

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

MSU Installs Wind Turbine on Campus
Days in January when the wind would have warmed your morning toast…………………………1
Only the government would buy a $12,000 toaster generator.

This turbine is 50 feet tall. Its 12-foot diameter blades will produce enough electricity
to run “a hair dryer, toaster, or microwave, but not at the same time…and on a windy
day”, said Robb Larson, head of MSU’s Wind Applications Center. It cost $12,000.

The turbine is part of the Montana Wind for Schools Program which will install four similar
structures at schools in Cascade, Fairfield, Livingston and Stanford in the coming weeks.
Students will use the turbines in lessons about alternative energy. (Will they learn the
“It’s really important to engage young people and rural communities in dis-
cussions about energy because those are the people who will really be impacted by wind
development, said Sean Micken. Micken said that getting people to see that wind power is
a real, working option is the most important step right now.
Source: MSU News Service

With a cost structure like that, it may be best not to let the young people and rural
communities learn any of the financial information. Let them fantasize about cost savings
and saving the planet. This turbine is a standing advertisement against wind power. TLB


2 Responses

  1. A family conservatively will use about 5 times this amount of power for a cost of $60,000. Amortize this over 5 years (without interest) and its $12,000 per year for electricity. What family pays this much for electricity, excluding electrical heat? There are roughly 20-30,000 families in Gallatin County. Picture 100,000 wind turbines in this county alone to generate power. And this forest of unsightly, bird-killing blades will only work a small part of the time when the wind is blowing!!!

  2. […] Environmentalism spawns so many incongruities, so many false good feelings. […]

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