Washing Machine, Solar Panels

Would you pay $1,299 for an environmentally friendly washing machine that will save you $90 per year? (Source: WSJ)

Would you put solar panels on your library roof that cost $266,000 that generate $200.00 of electricity per month? (Source: http://www.mountainwestnews.org/Page3.aspx?a=Perspectives&ID=130)


2 Responses

  1. Tom,

    RE: In some – maybe most – circumstances, I would pay $1,300 for that washing machine

    Using consumersearch.com, I compared that WSJ machine cost with the best top-loading machine, which was a $500 GE machine that was great but lacked “Energy Star compliance”. So, with a higher initial cost of $800, and assuming that energy saver machine returns $90/year, or 11% (payback 9 years), that represents a pretty good return on my money these days, assuming the machine lasts 9 years.

    But does the more expensive machine clean as well as the GE? The answer to that question would determine whether its higher initial cost is worth it.

    Beyond my quibble, your broader point is a good one: we have to critically examine the opportunity cost of “green” solutions and “green” jobs. Most of the alleged savings are a chimera. Worse, they foster dangerous statism and entitlement out of the hide of supply-side and enterprise.


    Tim Cranston

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