Crusade Against Words

Most of us have shed the use of the word “like”. That is SO “Valley Girl”. But it lingers. I find myself slipping, using “like” as a filler word from time to time. Why should I? I don’t eat styrofoam peanuts.

The next word to die is “just”. It litters everything.

Evangelists pray that  God will “Just look down upon us and just bless us with Thy grace. We just feel so weak before Thee”.

The author of a book on graphic design, “The Non-designer’s Design Book” succumbs, strewing “just” lazily into her copy.

Even the much admired columnists of the Wall STree Journal Daniel Henninger, (Feb. 19 “Just politics as usual”), and Paul Ingrassia, (Feb. 19 “And that’s just the conclusion that President Barak Obama’s new automotive task force should reach.”), should repent. Surely there are other, tauter phrasings.

As for me, I’m trying to catch every use and work a way around this pummeled word. Join me.


One Response

  1. Wow Uncle Tom, I just, like, love that so very much, because it’s just so amazing! I just really understood what you were, like, talking about, and it just gave me goosebumps! You really do have a knack for just putting things so, like, nicely! Well, I’m just going to work on not saying just and like so very much, and practicing my correct, like, grammar!

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