Headwear on Campus

The variety is bedazzling.

  • Cowboy baseball cap
  • Punk baseball cap
  • (No baseball baseball caps)


  • Frank Sinatra-style derby
  • Tin foil derby.  Looks like a leprecaun using his hat for a shortwave antennae

All manner of knit hats

  • Ski cap with words knitted in to the circumference. Looks 1969 to me
  • Stocking cap, Nordic weaving pattern, sprig atop, Mongolian flaps and yarn chin tie
  • The tight bowler knit hat seems to have fallen from grace
  • Loose-knit hats that cascade back and down, large enough to house embarrassing dreadlocks. Call them “Sleepy” hats, in remembrance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Cotton hoods that are built-in to jackets, cotton or not

Being stylish has never been so challenging. It vexes the ambivalent.


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