Recycling is a Waste

Can recycling harm the environment?

· Gallatin County recycling. Waste $110,000 per year.

· City of Bozeman recycling. Waste: $230,000 per year .

These amounts are how much the city and county recycling programs lose annually. Financial losses are also environmental harms.If these monies were not wasted on recycling that doesn’t work, they could be put to better uses. What might some of those be?

Buying habitat

De-littering rivers

Investing in better scrubbing technologies for smokestacks

Botanical cataloging, research


Teaching children Shakespeare or long addition

Teaching children virtue and morality

There are lots of potential uses. The main point is that if you spend money driving around town in an expensive truck, picking up paper that no one wants, or can turn into anything useful, you are wasting money, and taking money from some more worthy purpose, even some more worthy environmental purpose.

Recycling that loses money is wasteful.


2 Responses

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Do the supporters of the county and city recycling program offer any advantages to their programs that bring back dollars to or saves money to balance out the losses created by their recycling programs? I’m not assuming they don’t have advantages, I just need to hear them for myself.

    Since the mantra seems to be we need an environmental impact statement for laws that may impact the environment(EIS), let’s keep everyone’s feet to the fire and call for an EIS on recycling programs, including the impact on humans. I believe every law can have a positive or negative impact on humans who are part of the environment too. If for example a recycling program causes jobs to flee a community or money to be poorly spent, maybe it is having a negative impact on humans. If we require an EIS on one law, well then let’s do it on all laws including those proposed by so-called progressives and environmentalists.

  2. While I agree that the money spent on recycling was totally wasted, I disagree with Tom’s suggested alternative uses for the money wasted on recycling.

    The money was coercively collected as taxes and belongs to those from whom it was taken. The fact that the vast majority of us would have spent it differently from how the government has spend it — is prima facie evidence that our money was wasted.

    I don’t need to defend how I would have spent money stolen from me or whether it is well used or wasted, and neither will I suggest how others need to spend and not waste their money. The main point is not whether private individuals spend their money wisely or waste it from other peoples perspective, the point is that it is their money and their values that are being served by its use. That is the main point concerning individual responsibility. Its no one elses business!

    Let’s not fall into the trap — while dicussing one abuse of government spending tax money on recycling — of merely switching one abuse for another — to spending it on something else that the government has no business in doing either.

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