Benefits of Socialism

Starving Vietnamese Man

Starving Vietnamese Man

Obesity is rare.

Canal in gulag

Canal in gulag

Everyone works together.

Mass Transit Bus

Mass Transit Bus

Everyone enjoys mass transit.

Communal, not individual transportation.

Lining up for work

Lining up for work

Union contracts and work rules bring corporations to their knees. Everyone is equal.

When government control replaces free markets, you get:

Ø Lines, ration cards, shortages

Ø Make-work projects

Ø Neighborhood spying, prison camps, public self-denunciation sessions

Ø People escaping

Ø Subsistence farming, barely subsistence

Ø Powerful unions, no jobs

Ø Spirit-less state churches, shuttered up

Government control, GovCon, is another name for socialism and central economic planning. It is government on steroids. Prosperity, initiative, enthusiasm, true grit, pluck, and personal growth wilt.

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