NPR, Obama, Medicine

The president has plans for medicine.

He is bringing people together.

The best plan is a market.

NPR this morning told of President Obama’s desire to “reform” health care. His three big goals are:

1. Increase the number of people “covered”

2. Lower costs

3. Improved quality

The system known to do such things is that voluntary, non-coercive thing called the free market. Markets give more goods, better goods, and at a lower cost. This is true whether the goods be avocados or heart transplants. Government schemes cannot deliver.

Obama is calling a meeting. He is bringing people together; Big Insurance, Big Government (agencies), members of Congress, Big Medicine (doctors and hospitals), consumers. Did he leave anyone out? The payers. The taxpayers, the producers, the earners.

Justice is best achieved in voluntary transactions, aka markets, not government planning.

Oh, my poor kids and grandkids.


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