The Stalinist Empire: Looking for Similarities

The Stalinist Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union. By Ted Gottfried.

Looking for similarities. My comments are in italic.

1921 was a dire time. “In 1921, Lenin had instituted the New Economic Policy (NEP) to deal with this situation.” (p.31)
Does 2009 call for such policies?

Bolsheviks were the extreme left wing of the Social Democratic Labor Party  (p. 22). Does the name of that party sound familiar? “It, (the Social Democratic Labor party) was the organization that would evolve into the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (p. 20).

Stalin “called for the collective ownership of the land” (p. 45). Does this sound eerily like nationalizing banks in 2009?

Lenin demanded “a purge of the Russian land from vermin…the idle rich, priests, bureaucrats, and slovenly and hysterical individuals.” (p. 42) Does this sound like present calls to embarrass and cap CEOs, investment bankers and the rich?

“The Central Committee ruled that a person would have to prove that he was a worker in a government authorized factory or business to obtain food.” (p. 46) Present Congressional friendliness to union demands recalls these measures. (See WSJ: Labor-Union Leaders Prepare Lengthy, Ambitious Agenda, March 2009)

Lenin’s crypt “provided the first Communist example of the cult of the personality. Joseph Stalin was to be its heir. (p. 18) Americans would never fall for this.

For a taste of the horrible fruits of the Communist era consider, in addition to the death by starvation of millions, the following:
“There were periodic orders from Moscow for the mass execution of prisoners. 50,000 prisoners were tied up with wire like logs, stacked in trucks, driven outside the camp, and shot. (p. 72)
“Many prisoners never reached the gulags, (camps) alive. They did not survive the horrors of the railway journey, which might last months, in overcrowded trucks, unheated in winter, unbearably hot in summer, with inadequate food, water and sanitation.” (p. 77)

Stalin writing

Stalin writing


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