The Stalinist Empire…Book Review

I read The Stalinst Empire. It is one of a two book set by Ted Gottfried. The other is The Road to Communism. The set is called The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union.

The rise of Stalin. His ignominious reign. Taking communism world-wide, into China, Vietnam, and Spain as examples.  The tangled events leading to WWII. The disasters of central planning.

It is written for young adults. Very clear. I sometimes prefer books written for youth, as compared to those written for an adult audience, as a way to introduce myself to a historical topic. Then I can go further.

I will buy this book at “new and used”, because I will want to refer to it again. It can be purchased there, in hardbound edition, for $4 plus $4 shipping.


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  1. Hi Tom, The best book I’ve read about Stalin was “Time of Stalin: Portrait of a Tyranny” by Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko ( Russian emigres I’ve know have also thought this was good. Another book and video that details Stalin’s crimes in the Ukraine is “Harvest of Despair (Soviet Engineered Famine in the Ukraine) 1933”. I have the book and the video can be seen online. Stalin was one of the most unspeakable monsters of all time.

    During his rein, Eleanor Roosevelt spoke glowingly of the “noble experiment of the U.S.S.R.”.

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