It’s Your Body. Move It.

No one can save your body but you. Appetite is up to you. You pick your foods. You decide when to stop.

Exertion is up to you. You choose exertion or sloth. Only you can move your extremities.

Exercise opportunities abound. You need no fancy gym membership. You have a floor, right? What can you do with floors? Pushups. Leg lifts. Stretches, situps, jumping jacks, rope jumping. You have a street, right? It may even have sidewalks. Walking, jogging and running sites are everywhere. No special equipment is needed.

What is required is your will.

Your BMI, body mass index, is completely within your control. No one has lashed you to the couch. No one force feeds you. Weight is your responsibility. No one but you can make you thin or fat.

No public agency can make healthy choices for you, though we often hear proposals for government to scold fast food, regulate serving size, forbid siting of new outlets, regulate or proscribe entirely advertising, and require subdivision developers to  set aside trails and bike paths. Their ideas for what others must do for you abound. But self-control is something only you can do.

Solving the obesity crisis demands, more than anything, individual responsibility. Take responsibility. Walk. Choose plain food. Imbibe modest quantities. Do not make excuses. Do not let others make excuses for you. You are no victim. Habits are strong but can be changed. Though influenced by upbringing, associates and society, none is a captive.


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