Overheard in Student Union Building

In January, early in this semester, I heard a young man talking on his cell phone.

“He’s not out of money yet because I’m going to buy his kayak off him as soon as I get my loan check.”

This is the first thing I think of when I hear talk in our state legislature about how students need a tuition freeze, to shield them from the rising costs of college education.

I’m presently conducting a poll of what students did over MSU’s Spring Break, and what others at other universities are planning on doing.

How far did they go in their travels? Did they work any of the 9 days they had off? How many hours total did they work?  So far, few have worked. One worked 40 hours but first he got in a 3-4 day trip to Boise for a gamer’s convention. Home to Sandpoint, but a few days in Oregon first. San Diego and Las Vegas. Seattle.

Taxpayers would be more sympathetic to further taxes to shield college students from increasing tuition if students were working at every opportunity. Maybe they are not as poor as their advocates in the legislature indicate.

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