Of 4-Wheelers and Free School Lunch

I met with Sasquatch, the high school sophomore, again this week. Our one-hour visits are delightful. Mainly we quiz him, and me!, on general knowledge from the glossary of terms at the end of the book Cultural Literacy. As usual, he got 55% right, a figure I do not consider too pathetic.

His sister returned from Europe. She is 12. She went with her middle school class from Chief Joseph Middle School. She was pick-pocketed in Spain, (“where even the homeless men are well-dressed”). What the thief got was her Spanish phrase book. Sweet revenge.

The trip cost $4,000.

I asked “Who paid for that?”

Their dad did. The whole $4,000.

Sasquatch got a used 4-wheeler for hunting. His dad bought it for him. It cost $2,000. It was in “sweet” condition. It had “been babied by its owner”.

Sasquatch’s mom is on welfare and he is on free school lunch. His mom finished a secondary education degree a couple of years ago.


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