Schools Have ADHD

Schools cannot sit still in their chairs. They lose their focus. They are easily distracted. They are hyper and suffer from ADD and ADHD.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a book review of the book Rapt by Winifred Gallagher. It begins:

“With so many things now demanding our attention- emails, Web sites, Blackberry alerts, incoming text messages, Twitter tweets, Facebook updates, blogs, stock updates, and old-fashioned meetings and phone calls- many of us… What was I saying?”

We live in a state of inattention.  The book recommends “choosing activities “that push you so close to the edge of your competence that they demand your absolute focus.”

How could this help schools?


Dayton High School

Dayton High School


I meet with young persons helping them learn reading and math facts.  I am designed and taught an after-school science and recreation program. I teach  classes on entrepreneurship. I am a product of public education grades 1-16. Our kids went to private, public and home schools. I observe a lack of focus.

School time is too segmented. 50 minute class periods. Travel to sporting events, release time for this and that. Assemblies, fire drills. Education is an inch deep and a mile wide. How can one hope to bear down on a subject?

Administrators have to style their schools in this manner. They are yanked around by their uppers. Schools do not serve parents. They serve the National Education Association teacher’s union, the state Office of Pubic Instruction, the Montana High School Athletic Association, the legislature, the federal Department of Education, the legislature, everyone but the parents. I reviewed a proposal about “access to education” at this website. It promoted suing state legislatures for under-funding. The word parent did not appear in nine pages.

Schools are myopic, dyslexic, dis-functional, schizophrenic and hyper-active because of the myriad demands made on them by every party except the consumer of their services, the parents.

Kids will do poorly until they are expected to work diligently on a subject for longer than 15 minutes. Save our kids! Let the schools focus, spend blocks of un-interrupted time. Right now they run, run, run from one thing to another. Schools are ADHD. Free them from their masters.


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