New Names for National Health Care

People are clamoring for health care reform. Max Baucus, D-Montana, wrote in the Wall Street Journal, We Cannot Delay Health-Care Reform.

Here are some alternative names for what liberals call universal access.

Stand-in-Line Health-Care

Freeloader Health-Care

Rationed Health-Care

Because some people are “un-insured” and they are “free-riders” shifting their costs onto insured people, liberals call for national health care. That would be the greatest cost-shift of all. (Liberals pretend to dislike subsidies in this case, but they favor subsidies in many other areas of the economy. They are not philosophically consistent.)

Lacking the price mechanism as a way to allocate health care, national health care would introduce lines and rationing, limits on what will be provided, where and when and by whom and for whom. If price is not allowed to work, lines will do the job. It’s like the system for rationing use of a popular river, like the Smith River in Montana. Since price is not allowed to fluctuate to regulate the demand, a lottery grants permits. Line up. Take a number.

Imagine that price was not allowed to work in a food supermarket. Everyone paid $400 per month to have claim on the supermarket. Everyone could show up anytime and take whatever they wanted. Imagine that. That is what a state-run health care system is like. Someone has to make the decisions about who gets what. The government’s bureaucrats will do it, not consumers and freely contracting doctors, insurance companies and customers.

A useful quote is: “You think health care is expensive now? Wait until it’s free!”


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