Questioning Stimulus Spending

Natalie Meyer: Grants and Climate Protection Coordinator

City of Bozeman

34 N. Rouse

Bozeman, MT 59715

Dear Natalie:

I read the article about $175,000 in stimulus (taxpayer) funds to be spent on “eco-friendly improvements” in city buildings.

Will you please provide the Return On Investment expected for each of the following:

Boiler in downtown fire station                          $48,400

Charging stations for electric vehicles

in new parking garage                                       $5,000

Solar panels in under-construction

fire station on west side                         $20,000

Heater replacement at city shops                                   $16,500

Hot water pumps at City Hall                                        $12,000

Low-flush toilets at Senior Center                                 $10,000

Please provide the assumptions underlying your ROI projections, and any spreadsheets or worksheets that generated your figures.

Please provide a cost breakdown for the toilet replacement project. Low-flush toilets should cost under $224 each. Doesn’t the already-subsidized Toilet Tradeout Program cover this? Don’t its promoters claim that the cost per traded-out toilet, after taxpayer subsidy, is $74 plus $150 labor, or $224? Does the Senior Center really have 45 toilets?

Will any of these projects “pay for themselves” in less than 25 years?

Thank you kindly,

Tom Burnett