Youth Taxes for National Health

Doctor in a Hospital Setting. Image in the public domain at

Doctor in a Hospital Setting. Public domain at

Cover the Uninsured. Reform National Health.

Where will the money come from? Youth are not paying enough. Raise money through Twitter, Facebook, snowboards, summer work, textbooks, beach usage, iPods, downloads, pizza, ice cream, gyms, and tanning.

Taxes on Twitter tweets.

A $.05 tax on each tweet will raise $1 million. Cell phone companies will collect this. Non-compliers will be cancelled.

A surcharge on Facebook Friends.

Users will pay $1.00 per Friend up to 200 Friends, then $2.00 per Friend over 200. National Health (NH) police would audit Facebook accounts to verify compliance. This is “progressive taxation”, the more you have the more you pay. The old socialist saying goes: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Snowboard luxury tax.

Students who snowboard are rich elites. They should pay. Beginning in October of 2009, a $100 tax will be charged for each new snowboard sold. Shops will collect, then pay National Health.

Summer employment fee.

All summer youth workers will pay at least 25% of wages to NH. They already pay 8% to Social Security and Medicare. Their total tax is 33%. They feel it is their duty to pay National Health at least 33% so indulgent 65 year-olds can get diabetes and heart disease drugs. They should be able to have fun on the remainder. That’s enough!! Higher income summer earners will pay a total of 48%.

College textbook premium.

Upon entering college this fall, all students will pay double for books. Since books are already so expensive, they should not notice when prices double. They will not care if the book is $100, or $200. College bookstores and online vendors will charge the tax and forward it to National Health.

Surf’s “up”.

Beach activities are popular with youth. National Health collectors will circulate on the beaches, checking cards to ensure that young have paid the beach usage fee, a fee that supports National Health. The annual card will cost $49.

iPod tax.

All suppliers of iPods and other MP3 devices will be required to add $119 to the price of their device, then pay National Health.

Music download health fee.

To download a single, the tax is $.15, a full album $.99. For now. These rates could increase.

Pizza fee.

$3.00 per medium pizza, $5.00 per large.

Ice cream tax.


Health club tax.

$5.00 per month.

Tanning booth toll.

$1.00 per tanning session.


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