Overheard From Kids

Kids Falling Behind.

My young relative’s birthday party was yesterday. I complimented her for winning a recent math competition. I told her how disappointed I was to know so many 3rd and 4th graders who don’t know what 3×4 is or the answer to 23 minus 7. She said some of her classmates don’t know their times tables and that she is worried how they will fare in math next year. She was in the 5th grade for the 2008-09 school year.

I asked, “How many kids are in your class?”


“How many don’t know their times tables?”

“About twenty.”

At this site, her school’s test scores are posted. 67% of her classmates were considered “proficient” in math two years ago. Not according to Jordan.

The future looks grim for kids.


Horses: A Constitutional Right?

Nash is in my Spring Scientific and Aeronautical Institute. She mentioned her horses in reference to the grasses whose names we are learning.

“Horses”, I observed, “are expensive to feed.” I asked how she affords to feed them.

“The fairgrounds feeds them. The fairgrounds keeps them. We live across the street from the fairgrounds.”

Greenwood Plaza stands across the street from the  fairgrounds. I assume she lives there. It is low-income housing. Resident pay as little as $30 per month toward their $600 rent.  Taxpayers pick up the balance.

I must look into this. People too poor to pay rent that have horses? Is a state program paying? Are horses a constitutional welfare right?

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  1. This is so cool! Sad comment about kids and their math – but true!

    See you tomorrow!

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