Health by Force

Armenian ration card for bread. Tennedy could copy this!

Armenian ration card for bread. Tennedy could copy this!
Bayonets Ready

Bayonets Ready

Vegetarian. Healthy. Slim. Saves the government health program tons.

Vegetarian. Healthy. Slim. Saves the government health program tons.

Health by Force.

Meat-free Diet, Bayonets, Ration Cards

Since all health reform proposals call for the use of force[1], why do they not go all the way?

If force is permitted, bring it!

Here are three fictional ways to employ force to “improve Americans’ health”.

1.Vegetarian mandate.

Senator Bax Maucus’ plan requires everyone to become vegetarian. Ingestion of animal products is a major reason for escalating costs. Stop people from eating animal products. There is a side benefit: global warming is solved.

2.Exercise with bayonets.

Representative Farney Brank will enforce exercise. Regular exercise practically stops diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Why will not people exercise? There is not enough force. Line them up. Fix bayonets on Marine rifles. Poke the citizens; make them run. Lose that weight. Beat obesity! Save 70% on health costs. Force makes everything easy.

3.Ration cards.

Senator Ked Tennedy will limit caloric intake. He will issue federal calorie cards. As a subject buys food, the vendor punches their card. When 6,000 calories is reached, the subject has hit limit for the month. No more food. If a vendor relents, he’s jailed.

Anything Congress invents relies on force.

Force is a time-honored tool of tyrannies, central planners and autocrats. The bellicose strong men[2] of the 1900’s amply applied force. They got things done! Health care reform is so important, any loss of freedom through force is justified, or so the President members of Congress indicate. Watch for the force implicit in each of the proposals coming out of Washington, D.C. Force is usually masked behind a benign verbal screen. Cut through the haze. Call force force.

[1] :House Dems favor insurance requirement”: Bozeman Daily Chronicle headline. Requirements, mandates,  limitations, restrictions, formularies, bureaucracies, applications, taxes, review procedures, certificates of need, licensing,  rationing, exclusions, pay caps; all involve force.

[2] Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mengistu, Che, Deng, Kim, Lenin


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