Loss of Personal Freedom

Personal freedom is being lost daily. The pace is frenetic. Never has so much been lost so fast. Never have so few taken so much so fast. Even the big men of Russia’s revolution begun in 1917 did not take so much for  they had less to take.

We have every right to be alarmed.

Is there no constitutional challenge available? Has the Constitution been so weakened in the past 70 years that no one can bring a challenge to the recent rash of federal regulations, takings and take-overs?

Let’s start the Three Lantern Society. Remember “one if by land and two if by sea”? Paul Revere rode to warn patriots about the approach of the king’s army. Today they come by both land and sea. Threats to liberty come from all angles, fresh attacks daily.

The scope of government incursions is truly breathtaking. We are living in historic days. Every inch the behemoth gains is a loss to individual freedom. As government prerogative grows, individual autonomy withers.

My friend, the WWII veteran is concerned. He is 92. He was captured by Germans on Valentines day, 1943. He was a POW until May of 1945.

He says, “The American people had better wake up before they find their hands chained behind their back.”

He has seen enough in his life to know when to be concerned.

Hands chained behind the back

Hands chained behind the back

My friend is referring to “the haste” with which things are being enacted in Washington, D.C.


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  1. I like this! Happy 4th dad!

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