The Looming Tower

I read a national bestseller: The Looming Tower: AlQaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright.

It was, according to the New York Times Book Review, “A thoughtful examination of the world that produced the men who brought us 9/11.” That seems to blame the world for producing these men, kind of New York Times-ish.

The book won the Pulitzer Prize.

I am glad to have read it. I now know how dangerous this enemy is and some of the intellectual background of its main players. I’m sufficiently warned.

The writing? I’d say pretty read-able. I got lost in the jumble of unfamiliar names and wished that there was a handy way to keep the men and woemn all straight. Lo and behold, there was  a section called Principal Characters at the end that would have been handy to have known about before getting to the end.

One criticism the book leveled was of insufficient coordination between the CIA and the FBI. Now we have the Department of Homeland Security. Perhaps walls between these surveillance agencies is logical, for the protection of civil liberties. It seemed I had heard this criticism of government officials and the layout of the government, as an attack on Bush, during the months following 9/11. I may have these suppositions and linkages all wrong.


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