While Reading the book, Wild Swans

What to think about while reading

Wild Swans


  1. Could that happen here?
  2. What, in the way the United States is constituted, insures that Mao’s socialism debacle cannot happen here?
  3. What doctrinal similarities are the between current Progressives and Maoists and communists? Can you hear the refrains, though diluted?

It may be tempting to read Wild Swans and say, “How awful! Those poor people. How could anyone be as twisted as Mao? He must have been insane.”

Was Mao insane? Are there more people with Mao’s predilections? Are his predilections actually common?

Was this in a land far away, in a far distant past? These events took place while I was a juvenile, young man and newlywed. What mass horrors hid themselves!

This book should impart a warning. That warning is: Government power can and will run amok without hobbles such as we have in our Constitution. We disable our Constitution, such as giving more power from the states to the federal government, at our own peril.

Answering question #2 above: Brakes on government.

  • Federal power is limited to basic functions covered under the topics of : money, commerce, naturalization, weights and measures, post office, patents, courts below the supreme court, war, army, navy, insurrections
  • Fulfilling these functions, government runs into roadblocks everywhere:
  • House members have to face voters every two years, Senators every 6. Only 1/3 of Senators are up for election every two years.
  • The president can overturn, veto, laws.
  • Both chambers have to agree on a law.
  • States are independent. The bulk of law is decided in states. A round-up of “undesirables” cannot be done by federal police. They don’t have that authority.
  • The House starts money bills.
  • The Senate handles Supreme Court nominees and treaties.
  • All laws must comport with the Constitution.
  • Justices, once confirmed, are beyond political nonsense.
  • Many citizens own guns. This keeps local police and sheriff, controlled by state laws, from usurpations such as were experienced in China.
  • The federal government has only 3,000 marshals.

What must US citizens do to make sure the brakes hold?

Ask yourself “What would I have done? Would I have worshiped Mao and the Party?”

Would you keep your sanity? Your sense of worth and independence? How?


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