Too Poor to Eat Right?

Too Poor to Eat Right?

Liberals object to the suggestion that individuals should pay for their own health care and care for themselves through prudent diet and exercise. They say the poor can’t afford healthy food. They say vegetables cost too much. They say evil food corporations are guilty of promoting cheap, poisonous, addictive food. They say people are being abused, that people are helpless. They say city planners make it impossible to walk or jog for exercise by failing to force developers to devote land to trails. Liberals say more force is needed: force corporations, developers, taxpayers, and in the context of health “reform”, force doctors and hospitals and drug companies. Liberal programs entail excessive force.

Here’s a story contradicting their claim.

My friend Jean is 79. She’s responsible. She mows her own lawn. The doctor said, “You are pre-diabetic.” She followed his orders. She cut food portions and cut out starchy, sweet foods. She lost 40 pounds. She got a $15 garage sale exercise cycle and used it 45 minutes daily. She sleeps better and feels better. Her blood sugar is controlled.

Jean did this on very little income. She gets Social Security that might amount to $900 per month. It’s enough to afford eating a healthy diet and exercising.

Her secret is desire and will power. She is responsible. She will do all she can for her own health rather than casting the burden on others.

The poor can afford to be responsible in food choices and physical exertion. People in projects, on reservations, and on welfare can all afford these changes. They can be self-reliant. That’s a founding American principle.

Liberals are wrong.


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