Nazism’s Crimes Obscures Socialism’s

Ask any high school kid: What do you know about communism? They might string together a dozen words. The scale and horror of communism’s reign has not been told them.

Last night, I was conversing with a young man, in his early twenties. He was highly educated, by today’s standards. He was a gifted artist. He has recently discovered the virtue of liberty as opposed to government planning. He is becoming a conservative. I asked what he knew of communism. He couldn’t say. He couldn’t distinguish it from Nazism. He had no grasp of the extent of communism’s crimes. I introduced him to The Black Book of Communism and Wild Swans, among other books. I printed a copy of The Humanitarian With the Guillotine. He read most of it last night. (It does not chronicle their crimes, only the sweet sentiments animating socialists, and how far they go astray, in empirical reality.)

The average kid hears quite a bit about the Nazis. They and Hitler were certifiably bad. Why would leftists heap all the opprobrium  on the German Nazis? It shifts attention away from the blemishes of socialism. Nazism was so bad, surely there could be nothing worse. This is a ruse.

It is time for socialism, in all of its degrees, to face full disclosure. Show the pictures of starved children, burned villages, mass graves, country-wide starvation, the impalings, the processing number safety pinned to the Cambodian boy’s bare chest, the racks with thousands of skulls. Shine the graph of 100 million deaths. View the maps of forced re-locations, of prison camps for dissidents. Let’s get the word out. Communism beats Nazism sixteen-fold.

Dictators are Not Crazy

Glenn Beck says that diabolical leaders of brutal socialist regimes like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were insane. He pronounces the word with emphasis.

That gives them too much credit, a cover for their cruelty. They were not insane. They were methodical, organized, hard-working, and effective. They were above all, benevolent, or so they thought. They intended a just society, an egalitarian society, a superior society.

We are wise when we view government blandishments suspiciously. Putative generosity leads sometimes to the gas chamber, the gulag, the disapora, to political executions, to purges, to mass starvation, to incalculable loss.