Worry About Cohesion

Worry About Cohesion


Scare mongers have for a long time warned about bogey men such as One World Government. I have generally not liked such talk. It seems a little too close to late night radio callers who report UFOs. Conspiracy theories need to be taken in small doses. I also imbibe selectively writings about worldwide financial cabals and manipulation. There is probably enough truth to the charges to keep them from complete oblivion, but not enough to build a respectable structure upon.


However, for a Utopian, nothing short of central regulation will suffice to accomplish what he touts as a benevolent purpose. No individual can escape. All must be equally taxed and “nudged” by regulation. Without sufficient controls, some kooky freedom lover will seek a less restrictive legislative environment and unleash a “race to the bottom”. Too high taxes in New York send residents to Florida. Such escapes can only be curtailed if regulation and taxes are universal, global. This requires a government with enforcement powers, police.


Watching the news, you can see tendencies in this direction. Watch for the words:


  • Unity
  • Coherence
  • Harmonizing goals and programs


And these recent quotes from financial websites:


  • “Global governance with the G-20 in the middle”
  • “Global management of our climate”
  • “Joint effort between our countries”


The environment is the primary bell they ring. But coordinated financial regulation and harmonizing caps on banker pay are two others. If the US and Western Europe stifle pay packages, smart managers will be recruited to Singapore and Mumbai, to escape the cap. The regulatory scheme collapses. Coordinated regulations are proposed. Such coordination is accomplished through the United Nations and treaties such as at Doha, Kyoto and Copenhagen, and agreements arising from G-20 meetings.


These are the threats to national sovereignty and personal liberty that bear monitoring.


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