Messages to Senators Tester and Baucus

Letters to Tester and Baucus

  • No New Entitlements! Vote no on healthcare.
  • Senate healthcare bills are goulash! Vote no on healthcare.
  • “Anything that can get 60 votes.” A fine way to make policy.
  • I object to higher costs and lower quality implicit in healthcare legislation.
  • Vote no. I don’t want higher taxes, fewer doctors, longer lines, fewer medical innovations.
  • Stop the Senate healthcare runaway!
  • Don’t nationalize healthcare!
  • Discretion and changeable requirements make CBO’s cost projections moot.
  • 40% American approve. 98% Senate Democrats approve. Now that’s “connecting with the American people”!
  • Have you read the bill? (War and Peace is 1,000 pages shorter.) Have you read the Constitution? Vote no on healthcare.
  • Your “total domination” is suffocating me…healthcare and other attacks on individualism, property and markets.
  • Government can’t and shouldn’t manage the entire US healthcare industry. Your presumption is utmost vanity.
  • Don’t let this octopus out of the aquarium!
  • Save us from your beneficence! Vote no on Senate healthcare.
  • May your conscience be pricked all your days if your vote enables socialized healthcare to pass. Many guilty, sleepless nights to you. May your political career terminate.
  • Quit telling me how to run my life. Vote no on healthcare legislation.
  • Quit threatening higher taxes and higher premiums. Vote no on healthcare.
  • Quit spending money you don’t have. Vote no on healthcare.
  • Thanks for laying bare the total domination and control, the welfare state mentality of the Democratic Party in all its sordid grandeur. I’m referring to healthcare legislation and the many other assaults presently leveled at our citizens. Now we know what liberals really want and how they view the individual and the family. At least you’ve made this clear!

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