New ObamaCare Cost Estimate

New ObamaCare Cost Estimate

By me

Healthcare reform is projected to cost $900 billion. Don’t believe it.

Like yeast, waistlines and Gore’s rhetoric, government costs expand.

  • Take Boston’s Big Dig, the massive tunnel project. Estimate: $2 billion. Actual: $15 billion, more than seven times as high.
  • Take Scotland’s Parliament building. Estimate: $680 million. Actual: $7.70 billion, more than ten times as high.
  • Take Seattle’s Light rail. Estimate: $2.3 billion. Actual: $4.2 billion, almost double.
  • Take Medicare. It cost six times as much in 1990 as projected.

Let’s not for a minute accept the Democrats claim of a cost of $900 billion. It seems prudent to use a six-times multiplier and call it $5.4 trillion.