Sex-change Operations On Demand

Forcing Taxpayers to Support Abortion, Sex-Change and Physician Assisted Suicide

It should be alarmingly clear that if national health dictates pass, it will only be matter of time before advocates secure payments for abortion, sex-change operations and physician assisted suicide, either by forcing private insurers to cover them, or under government-run plans. Every American will either be forced to patronize a private insurer, buy a government policy, or pay a penalty, which is a de facto way of corralling their participation. Government agencies will determine what procedures must be covered.

Abortion is taxpayer-supported in many European countries through their national health programs. It is free, to the patient, in Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands. It is free to low income women in Germany and subsidized in Sweden. Source BBC.

Brazil, Britain and Cuba now offer sex-change operations at taxpayer expense.

In Oregon, a woman was offered physician-assisted suicide under the State plan.

Below are the stories that pertain.


A growing number of public and commercial health insurance plans in the United States now contain defined benefits covering sex reassignment related procedures, usually including genital reconstruction surgery (MTF and FTM), chest reconstruction (FTM), breast augmentation (MTF), and hysterectomy (FTM).[2] In June 2008, the American Medical Association House of Delegates declared that discrimination [3], stating that the denial to patients with Gender Identity Disorder of otherwise covered benefits represents discrimination, and that the AMA supports “public and private health insurance coverage for treatment for gender identity disorder as recommended by the patient’s physician.” Other organizations have issued similar statements, including WPATH [4], the American Psychological Association [5], and the National Association of Social Workers [6]. Wikipedia

HEALTH-CUBA: Free Sex Change Operations Approved
By Dalia Acosta

HAVANA, Jun 6 (IPS) – New horizons opened up for transsexuals in Cuba with the approval of a Public Health Ministry resolution that establishes guidelines for their health care, including free gender reassignment operations.

“It was just approved. The operations will begin to be carried out as soon as the Cuban medical team is ready to start,” Mariela Castro, head of the National Centre for Sex Education (CENESEX), told IPS.

In Britain:

Many transsexuals, often intensely uncomfortable living with the genitalia they were born with, find it impossible to wait the necessary year or two before being admitted to one of the few hospitals which collaborates with the public health service and end up covering the costs themselves…

Nov 6, 2009  The NHS carried out some 150 operations in the last year (up from about  I remember a MTF transexual referred to me once as a born woman,

Abstract Whereas hormonal and surgical sex change have been increasingly refined and accepted medically during the past 40 years, legal protections have only recently received attention. This overview focuses on employment, medical treatment, and civil status as male or female in the United States and the United Kingdom. Employment protection in the UK is assured since a court decision in 1994, but in the U.S. is generally uncertain and inconsistent between states. Health care, including surgery, under the UK National Health Service, is assured since a court decision in 1996.

Brazil govt offers free sex change operations

06/07/2008 | 09:17 AM



RIO DE JANEIRO—Brazil’s health minister said on Thurday that sex change operations would now be free under the country’s public health system.

The powerful story of Barbara Wagner demonstrates why this discussion is of utmost importance. When Barbara’s lung cancer reappeared during the spring of 2008 her oncologist recommended aggressive treatment with Tarceva, a new chemotherapy. However, Oregon’s state run health plan denied the potentially life altering drug because they did not feel it was “cost-effective.” Instead, the State plan offered to pay for either hospice care or physician-assisted suicide.


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