Global Governance in the Offing

According to the G-20 and Copenhagen collaborators, global governance is necessary to deal with over-paid bankers, financial regulation, environmental problems and labor law. Once the government is in place, well-meaning bureaucrats and parliamentarians will make decisions about the propriety of:

one child policy

size of car

size of house

banker pay, manager pay, union pay, dishwasher pay

languages to be taught in school

quotas for college admission

religions that are unacceptable

mass transit vs. family and individual vehicles

tax rates


physician assisted suicide

thermostat settings

health procedures that are too expensive

IVF, amniocentesis, and abortion to weed out undesirables prior to birth.

Everything will be regulated.

This article puts it well. Global government is all the rage. A second article, particularly about the Copenhagen discussions, is in accord.


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